Videos of Snowmobiling in Elko County, Nevada

To provide a sense for what snowmobiling is like in Elko County, Nevada, we compiled this list of YouTube videos showing people’s snowmobile adventures in the Elko area.  Enjoy!

And, please let us know if you have an Elko snowmobile video that you’d like us to add to this list!



“Off-Road Smart with Randy,” by Off Road Nevada.  Quote from the video creator: “In this video, we speak to an Elko, Nevada resident who is an avid snowmobiler. Our interview takes place in Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains. Beautiful scenery.”

Off-Road Smart with Randy


“Powder In The Rubies – Snowmobiling – Dec 2015,” by Brickslayer.  HD footage of snowmobiling in powder conditions in Lamoille Canyon.

Powder In The Rubies - Snowmobiling - Dec 2015


“Snowmobile in Elko,” by At Your Leisure.   An Overview of Snowmobiling in Elko County Nevada, along with interviews with local snowmobilers and an ATV store owner.

Snowmobile in Elko


“Ruby mountain sledding,” by Donald Dumont.   Snowmobile footage in the Ruby Mountains.

Ruby mountain sledding


“2010 snowmobile clips, Elko Nevada,” by Highcountry Octane.   A compilation of miscellaneous Elko snowmobile footage.

2010 snowmobile clips, Elko Nevada

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