Videos of Hiking and Camping in Elko County, Nevada

To provide a sense for what hiking and camping are like in Elko County, Nevada, we compiled this list of YouTube videos showing people’s hiking and camping trips in the Elko area.  Enjoy!

And, please let us know if you have an Elko hiking or camping video that you’d like us to add to this list!


“Backpacking to Liberty Lake in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada,” by SacWildlife.  Quote from the video’s creator: “The Sierra was still packed with snow, so me and a friend head east to Nevada’s Ruby Mountains – an isolated mountain range in central Nevada. We cherry picked the best part of the Ruby Crest Trail and hiked from Lamoille Canyon to Liberty Pass and on down to Liberty Lake for a one-night stay.”


“The Ruby Crest Trail Documentary,” by OfficialPoser.  Hiking and camping footage – great views.


“Ruby Crest Trail 2015,” by Matt S.  Footage of a 4 day hike in the Ruby Mountains.


“2013-07 Ruby Crest Trail by Three Amigos,” by savinidad.







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