Videos of Mountain Biking in Elko County, Nevada

To provide a sense for what mountain biking is like in Elko County, Nevada, we compiled this list of YouTube videos showing people’s mountain bike adventures in the Elko area.  Enjoy!

And, please let us know if you have an Elko mountain biking video that you’d like us to add to this list!


A short video, showing GoPro footage of mostly singletrack riding, in Elko County, NV, by Casey Fox

Bobsled Run part 1


Helmet-cam footage from singletrack in Hospital Hills, Elko County, NV.   Two riders and a dog take you along a route that includes banked turns, weaving between trees, and a first-person view of a crash at the end (Hope the rider was OK! Didn’t look too serious though).  The rider’s speed is shown in the video, he gets moving pretty fast on a couple of the sections.  The trail section names are also displayed as the riders enter each section.  By Jordan Anderson.

Elko Biking Hospital Hills


This GoPro video shows lift-accessed mountain biking at  SnoBowl ski hill in Elko, NV.  The video is not edited, but it does provide a feel for the trails in the area.  It’s from 2011, so there may have been updates to the trails since the video was created.  By: theyvegonetoplaid.

SnoBowl Lift-access Mountain Biking, Elko, NV


This video shows footage of mountain biking in the Ruby Mountains.   Most of the shots are of double track / Jeep roads, along with the surrounding scenery.  By:  scspartan2.

Ruby mountain biking


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