5 Acre Ranch in Wild-Horse Country, with Beautiful Views of Mount Blanca (San Luis Valley, Colorado) Sold

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Enjoy your own 5-acre ranch, among the wild horses and Rocky Mountain views of the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado.  This property is part of the Mount Blanca Valley Ranchos, in Costilla county, Colorado.  From the property, you have beautiful views of the 14,351 foot Mount Blanca, the fourth highest peak of the Rocky Mountains.  Wild horses have been spotted near this property, and there are game trails through the property (see pictures).

Surround yourself with Colorado’s famous blue skies, snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and crisp, clean air while you enjoy world class outdoor recreation within easy driving distance from your property.

This property is located in the San Luis valley in southern Colorado, 14 miles from San Luis, Colorado’s oldest town.  You can find incredible outdoor adventures and interesting culture to enjoy within easy driving distance from this property, including the following examples:

  • Head south of the property for fishing, camping, bird watching, boating, and hiking at the Sanchez Reservoir.  The Sanchez reservoir has a large amount of shallow water with weeds in it, making it a great place to fish for Pike.  Other nearby reservoirs include: The Eastdale Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, and Mountain Home Reservoir.
  • Go hiking or climbing in the Sangre de Cristo Range, north of the property, with its 14,000+ foot peaks in full view.
  • Ride mountain bikes or ATVs and camp in the San Isabel National Forest, east from this property.
  • Enjoy hunting at the Alamosa Wildlife Refuge, to the west of the property, or at that Trinchera Ranch, among many other great local hunting locations.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture by visiting the Fort Garland Museum, San Luis Museum and Cultural Center,  the Shrine of the Stations of the Cross, Veteran’s Park
  • Explore the nearby towns local shopping and handmade souvenirs
  • Experience the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
  • Enjoy world class skiing, music, and art in Taos, NM, an easy 1 hour and 10 minute drive south from the property.
  • In addition, take in the hot springs, sand dunes, Jeep trails, picturesque mountain lakes, and fascinating history that south-central Colorado is known for… and much more!

Although this property’s rural location and mountain views provide a relaxing, natural setting to you to enjoy, modern conveniences like restaurants, stores, and gas stations are available just 25 minutes away in the towns of San Luis and Fort Garland.

This parcel’s flat terrain, mountain views, and wide variety of nearby recreational activities make it a great value for someone looking to build an off grid home, or to hold as a long-term investment.  There is no requirement to build if you don’t want to, so you can take your time and allow your plans to unfold however is convenient for you.

Location Information:

  • Driving directions:
    • From RT 159 (north of San Luis) take Co Rd X west for approximately 8 miles.  Note, this road is named differently on different mapping systems. Google Maps lists it as “Co Rd X.” The Costilla county website lists it as: “County Rd W 5.” For 2 short stretches it’s also known as “First Street,” and “9th Street.”
    • Then, immediately after the last irrigated field (i.e. the “crop circles” on the map) on your left (approximately when you hit 8 miles from Rt 159), take a left on Cherokee Ave.
    • The lot will be located on your right, at 6th Street. The lot is on the northwest corner of Cherokee Ave and 6th street
    • Use Google Map at the bottom of this page to generate personalized driving directions for you.
  • GPS Coordinates, to Center of parcel: 37.2770,-105.5794
  • GPS Coordinates, to NorthWest corner of parcel: 37.2778,-105.5800
  • GPS Coordinates, to NorthEast corner of parcel: 37.2778,-105.5789
  • GPS Coordinates, to SouthEast corner of parcel: 37.2761,-105.5789
  • GPS Coordinates, to SouthWest corner of parcel: 37.2761,-105.5800

Property Details:

  • Physical Address: Lot 16, Block 5, of Unit 3 of Mount Blanca Valley Ranches
  • Legal Description:  Lot 16, Block 5, of Unit 3 of Mount Blanca Valley Ranches
  • Size: 5 acres
  • Parcel Number: 70802230
  • Terrain: Flat
  • Access: Dirt road
  • Zoning and Land Use: Estate Residential, which allows for stick-built, prefabricated, and mobile homes.  Buyer to confirm zoning and allowable uses with Costilla county Planning and Zoning department.  You can reach them at (719) 937-7668.
  • Electric: Solar and/or generator.
    • This area (the San Luis Valley) has extremely strong solar power resources and a very high per capita usage of home-based solar power systems.  Starting prices for solar power system kits are approximately $1,100.   Many people use a backup gasoline generator as well.
    • Note: There are power lines, 0.7 miles north of the property, if you prefer to extend power to the property.
  • Water: Would be by well or water tank. To save money, local off-grid residents have told us that they fill their own 500 gallon water tank at the Alamosa Water Department for very low cost. Well depths in the area vary quite a bit, but locals tell us that many are approximately 200 feet deep, with drilling costs around $45/ft.
  • Heat, Cooking, and Food Refrigeration:
    • Heat, cooking, and a food refrigerator would be powered by propane gas (yes, there are propane-powered refrigerators – pretty cool, right!).
    • Firewood is also readily available locally for heating.
  • Sewer: Would be by septic.
  • Conveyance: Warranty Deed.
  • HOA: None
  • Taxes: $38 / Annually

Price and Financing Information:

  • Discounted Cash Price: $3,450.  (Regular price $5,175)
  • Financing Information: Down Payment of $295 and monthly payments of $172 for 36 months. No credit check required. Interest rate: 9.5%.
  • To purchase, click the “Buy Now” button, located at the top or bottom of this page, submit your information and pay the document preparation fee of $295. We will then send you your purchase documents and instructions for payment.

Closing Costs:

  • Your only closing cost is a document preparation fee of $295.
  • To pay this fee, use the link below.
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