Preview: How to Buy Land, Volume 1 - What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Vacant Land

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Learn How to Make Good Land-Buying Decisions:

Take our online video training course, “How To Buy Land, Volume 1: What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Land.”
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Want to learn how to evaluate a property before you buy it – the same way we do?

Let us help you gain the knowledge you need, to wisely evaluate and purchase vacant land.  We created this online video course, with over 2 hours of tips, tools, and training that we use on a daily basis to research and buy land.

Using real-world examples, we show you the same methods that we employ to determine whether a property would be a good purchase or merely a waste of money.  We also include 2 handy PDF Guides for you to take with you in the field for quick reference when you’re evaluate properties.

The Course Includes:

  • 2 Hour and 23 Minute Online Instructional Video – Watch It Instantly on Our Website.
  • 44 page Course Guide PDF
  • Free Bonus: Reference Guide PDF – “75 Serious Land Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them.”

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to determine if a property is located in a flood zone.
  • How to avoid access problems (i.e. how to ensure you can legally and physically get to your property).
  • How to use powerful mapping software – for free.
  • How to read GPS coordinates, what they mean, how to use them to find your property, and how to use them to get a wide variety of data about your property.
  • How to evaluate the slope and elevation of a property.
  • How to quickly get elevation data for specific spots on your property.
  • How to quickly determine whether your intended house, or other building, will fit on a lot.
  • How to spot problems in a property’s terrain, which would render it un-buildable.
  • Things to consider about your property’s shape.
  • How to evaluate a property’s overall location.
  • How to factor lot setbacks into your decision about a property.
  • How to factor cardinal directions, sunlight, wind, likely soil quality, and water drainage into your property evaluation.
  • What protected wetlands are, why wetlands could kill your intended plans for a property, and how to avoid this situation.
  • How to factor property appearance and clues about previous uses into your decision.
  • How to decide the type of property you need, and how to stick to that decision in the midst of negotiation, property visits, and the information overload that can accompany a real estate purchase.
  • How to evaluate whether the utilities you need will be available to you.
  • Who to call in the county offices, to get a variety of important questions answered.
  • Who the most overlooked, free resource of property information often is, and how to find them.
  • What deeds are, what they say, and how they work.
  • Why it is crucial to understand the different types of deeds.
  • Why you need to understand and confirm the legal description of your property before buying it.
  • What a property’s chain of title is, title problems that can arise, what title searches do, and how title insurance works.
  • How property taxes work.
  • How to avoid buying a property burdened with back taxes, liens, judgements, past-due HOA fees, and other encumbrances.
  • How property taxes are commonly handled when buying properties through Realtors or directly from owners.
  • What homeowners’ associations are, and why it is important to find out all about them before you buy a property.
  • How to reduce past-due HOA fees.
  • How property zoning works and what to confirm before buying a property.
  • How land is valued, and the process for determining whether a property’s price is reasonable for you.
  • What to expect during the land purchase process when purchasing either through a Realtor or directly from an owner.
  • What title companies do and how the escrow process works.
  • How closing costs work.
  • What closing costs to expect when purchasing either through a Realtor or directly from an owner.

Each one of the topics covered in this video has the potential to save you from a serious mistake in your land purchase, which is why we believe that investing $95 in this video could turn out to be one of the best investments a land-buyer could make.

Your purchase includes lifetime online access to the video, so you can watch it as many times as you like. You also get a 44 page Course Guide and a Free Bonus Reference Guide: “75 Serious Land Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them.” Take these handy PDF guides with you in the field for quick reference when you’re evaluate properties.

Testimonials from Our Students:

  • “I wanted to buy land but was having trouble getting started. This video was really easy to understand and it gave me a game plan on how to find and research the kind of property I wanted to buy.” – Mike B., Colorado
  • “Nice job on the video guys! I referred back to it several times when I bought my ranch. The tips on wetlands saved me from buying a property that would have turned out to be a disaster.” – Christopher J., Arizona

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