Videos of Skiing in Elko County, Nevada

To provide a sense for what skiing is like in Elko County, Nevada, we compiled this list of YouTube videos showing people’s ski trips in the Elko area.  Enjoy!

And, please let us know if you have an Elko skiing video that you’d like us to add to this list!


Great video showing backcountry skiing in the Ruby Mountains: “Ski the Desert,” by Matador Network.


Another good video from Matador Network, “Heli-skiing Ruby Mountain’s Cold Smoke.”


“Ruby Mountain Camping, Skiing, and Snowboarding Trip,” by Team: Do something Crazy

Ruby Mountain Camping, Skiing, and Snowboarding Trip


“Backcountry Skiing Nevada” by The Road West Traveled

Backcountry Skiing Nevada


GoPro video of heli skiing in the Ruby Mountains, by John R. Ellis

Heliskiing in the Ruby Mountains 2017-03-01


Skiing Elko powder in March, by Azonicb211

Elko Ski Trip



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